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A Tranquil Experience, Through Caring Hands

Every day you face stress and tiredness, from student life, exams, work or family commitments, all triggering anxiety. Thai massage is a non-pharmacological form of therapeutic touch that can help to relax your mind, soul and body, relieve tension, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, balance your mood and promote better sleep. More importantly massage reduces the risk of anxiety and stress, and our U Thai Therapy inserts a methodology of meditation and mindfulness, beneficial to promoting a high quality of life.

Our Prices:

Traditional Thai Massage
Thai Oil / Hot Oil Massage
Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Reflexology / Thai Foot Massage
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Head massage
Relaxing Full Body Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Sciatica or Hip Pain Relief

30 Minutes £30
60 Minutes £40
90 Minutes £60
2 Hours £80

Four Hands Massage / Couples Massage:

30 Minutes £60
60 Minutes £80
90 Minutes £120
2 Hours £160

Uthai Therapy Massage

Where you can relax and enjoy life

"Discover serenity in every moment at our haven of tranquility. Immerse yourself in relaxation, where each breath brings peace, and every heartbeat echoes the joy of life's simple pleasures."
Charlotte Hunt
Sheffield, UK

Indulge in a sanctuary of tranquility where relaxation intertwines with life’s simple joys. Our haven invites you to savor every moment, a refuge where each breath becomes a melody of peace. Amidst serene surroundings, find solace in the gentle embrace of blissful calm. Unwind and immerse yourself in a sanctuary designed for your well-being, a place where time pauses, and the rhythm of life harmonizes with the soothing cadence of your heartbeat. In this haven, discover the art of enjoying life, where relaxation is not just a choice but a celebration—a journey into the essence of pure, unadulterated blis

I've tried recently, U Thai Therapy Massage which
stands out as the best massage services available. Their hospitality, soothing massages, and reasonable rates are very impressive.
Sheffielh, United Kingdom